Amawundlu is a non-profit organisation offering sustainable sport development programmes for schools.

We provide sports coaching and teach mini-cricket, mini-soccer, mini-hockey, ball skills and indigenous games e.g. Ushumpu (like dodge ball) and 3 tins (a race to knock down and stack tins – excellent for hand/eye co-ordination).

In a nutshell, we provide physical education lessons to children who would otherwise, not have the opportunity to experience the obvious benefits of a professionally coached sport.

We also provide skills development and training for young, aspiring coaches, thus creating employment opportunities.

Amawundlu Sports Development is a perfect vehicle for nurturing a passionate support base for sports among the developing youth in South Africa today.

Amawundlu is the brain child of two young people with a dream to foster active and healthy children through sport


End of term soccer tournament was held on the 10th October 2013. The following Primary schools, Spumelele, Ethekwini, Buhlebethu and Sondelani participated, Spumelele took home 3 trophies, Boys A and Girls A as well as B girls with Sondelani taking B boys throphy

Sphumelele primary school went on to become national champions at under 13 level and went to represent...